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“My mission comes not from the bishop who ordained me; it comes from the priest who baptized me, and that baptism sticks with me all my life.” Columban Fr. Tony Mortell

Fr. Mortell’s strong words remind us that our baptism calls us to mission. That fateful day opened our hearts to the possibilities of God’s call. The Columban Fathers live out that calling by living among the poor, the disadvantaged, and those who haven’t heard the Good News.

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Have you considered how you will serve? Our Missionary Society involves priests, sisters, lay missionaries, staff and volunteers from around the world, all of whom have answered the call.

If you are ready to talk further, contact us and we’ll explain more about what it means to be a missionary, a Columban Father, and we’ll listen carefully to your questions. Discernment is personal, spiritual and unique to each of us, just as God’s plans for us have been since that baptismal day.

God Bless!

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