100 Points of Light - 1934
Columban Martyrs Memorial Garden
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From the Director

His Abundant Blessings - During the course of this past year I have received numerous thank-you cards from Columban friends and supporters. Since they are so colorful and contain handwritten, heartwarming messages, I place them on my desk or bookcase for a week or more in order to brighten my office and my life. During moments of discouragement they serve as a visible reminder of the gratitude that so many people feel for the various ways in which Columban missionaries share the Good News in different places around the world.

Sometimes these thank-you cards express gratitude for a recent event, such as the inspiration someone received from reading an article in our mission magazine, or the consolation of knowing that Columban missionaries have prayed for one's family as it went through some kind of crisis. At other times, however, the sender recalls a deep sense of gratitude for an event that happened on the other side of the globe many years ago, such as an encounter between...
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Columban News
April 25, 2016
You're Doing "Life," Father

Find out more about Columban Father Peter Toohey and his 22 years as a prison chaplain.

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April 26, 2016
100 Points of Light Video - 1933

When nine newly-ordained Columban Fathers arrived in China in autumn of 1933, got a surprise when they learned that would be sent on to Korea, to establish a new Columban mission there.

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April 25, 2016
Daily Prayer - Comfort Me Again and Again

Weary after walking, you sat down to rest. Thirsty at the well, you asked for a drink. Exhausted in a boat, you slept in the storm. Sad at Lazarus's death, you wept at his tomb …

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