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From the Director

Parched Spirits

Like the air we breathe, water is essential for our life and well-being. The average person here in the U.S. uses 80-100 gallons in a variety of ways throughout each day. Indeed, water is so intertwined with our everyday life that we generally take this precious gift for granted, and pause to reflect on it only when we hear a story about the serious consequences that arise from its contamination.

Unfortunately, in recent decades contaminated water has become a serious issue in some of the countries where Columban missionaries minister. This is often a direct result of the environmental effects of mining, when chemicals used in the extraction process or waste materials are allowed to seep into the soil and water with devastating long-term consequences for the health and well-being of the local people.

In countries like Peru and the Philippines, poor indigenous people are often uprooted from their ancestral lands by large-scale mining, which also poisons their water, thus …

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Columban News
Hope Experience

It's been nearly 6 years since Columban Lay Missionary Rosalia Basada arrived in Birmingham, England. When she arrived she thought she would give more and people would learn from her. The reality was the she received and learned more from them. …

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Five Days - A Journey of Trust and Hope

We were told that we would be spending about five days in Agoo (the Philippines). We were all excited except that we had to walk for five days from Malolos, Bulacan, to Agoo, La Union, without money for …

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A Cricket Match to Build Friendships

Cricket is played everywhere in Pakistan. On streets, in parks and wherever there is an area big enough for the game. People of all classes and faiths play it. All that the poor require to play is a bat, a few bricks which become the wicket and a tennis ball which is …

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